CNC Turning Lathe - KL-1078
Model KL-1078
Spindle Spindle Nose A2-8
Spindle Bore Thru Dia. Ø 92mm
Chuck Size of 3-Jaw Dia. 10" / Ø 254mm
Spindle Center Height to Floor 960mm
Spindle Center Dist. to Front Door 430mm
Draw Bar Clamping Hydraulic
Machining Capacity Swing Over Way Covers (Dia.) Ø 650mm
Max. Turning Length 750mm
Max. Machining Dia. Ø 400mm
Through Draw Tube Capacity Ø 78mm
X, Z Axis Travel X Axis Travel 240mm
Z Axis Travel 750mm
X/Z Axis Rapid Traverse 15 m/min
Machanical Accuracy X/Z Axis Positioning (Full Travel) ±0.005mm
X/Z Axis Repeatability ±0.003mm
FANUC Motors Spindle Motor 15/18.5 kW (20.1/24.8HP)
Max. Speed 3000rpm
X Axis Servo Motor 4.0kW (5.4HP)
Z Axis Servo Motor 4.0kW (5.4HP)
Turret Turret Drive Hydraulic Motor
Number of Stations (Standard) 12T
Square Shank Size 25mm
Milling Tool Base Size 40mm
Index Time Next Station (T-T) 0.32 sec.
Fully Programmable Tailstock Morse Taper Center MT NO.5
Tailstock Travel 615mm
Max. Part Length 720mm
Rapid Traverse 6m/min
Machine Dimension Length×Width×Height 4300×1865×1780mm
Weight 5800kg
Floor Area 8m2
  Standard Accessories & Optional
  ※Notice :
1.To keep improving and developing new functions, Kuen Jeng reserves the rights to change specifications without notice.
2.Due to varying cutting conditions, actual results may be greater or less than those listed.



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