CNC Turning Lathe - KL-645M / 852M
  Main Structure
  Stable Machine Structure Heavy Cutting Resistance, Deformation-free
  • The 45° slant bed construction features maximum stability and rigidity.

  • The bed is one-piece manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron (GB300), stress relieved to remain deformation-free year after year.
  • The bed weight and wall thickness are specially designed to exhibit extraordinary statability under heavy cutting conditions.
  • The bed structure is designed to suit coolant flow direction, which minimizes the possibility of coolant leakage while allowing smooth chip exhaust.

  ※Notice :
1.To keep improving and developing new functions, Kuen Jeng reserves the rights to change specifications without notice.
2.Due to varying cutting conditions, actual results may be greater or less than those listed.

  C-axis Contouring Function
With the C-axis function of the spindle, the machine can perform contour machining with high indexing accuracy of 0.001°.
  Precise, Rigid Spindle
‧The spindle runs in precision angular contact ball bearings in
   combination with roller bearings, which are excellent for fine finishing
   at high speed and heavy cutting at low speed.
‧Maximum stability in axial and radial machining.
‧The spindle is driven by a high torque motor, making the machine
   suitable for various machining requirements.
  12-Position Power Turret
The power turret is used together with the C-axis function of the spindle in combination with the use of axis and radial tool holders, allowing the machine to perform milling, boring, drilling and tapping operations. It exhibits high efficiency turning and milling complex functions in one setup.
  Programmable Tailstock
‧The tailstock is a non-quill design, which may avoid fitting tolerance of the quill.
‧The tailstock movement is controlled by programs, making operation easier.
‧The tailstock accepts an MT4 center. Other type of center are available.
  Parts Catcher

Operating method : Swing arm type
Max. part length : 110 mm.
Max. part dimeter : Ø52 mm.

  X, Z-axis Ball Screws

‧X, Z-axis move on 3-row ball type linear ways. Its greater contact area provides
   increased rigidity by 30%.
‧Minimizd error of axial movement leads to an increase of machining quality.

  Tool Interference Diagram
  Axes Travel Range
  Dimensions Of Machine
  Standard / Optional Equipment

Standard Accessories:
‧FANUC Oi-TD 8.4" color LED
‧3 Jaw Chuck with Soft Jaw
  (KL-645M: 6 inch / KL-852M: 8 inch)
‧Milling Tool Base Ø32 (3 pcs)
‧Milling Tool Holder Cover (8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 mm)
‧Waterproof Halogen Working Lamp
‧Worklight (3 Color)
‧Chuck Operation Pedal
‧Tool Box

‧Fully Programmable Tailstock
Morse Taper Center MT NO.4
Tailstock Travel 341 mm
Max. Part Length 341 mm
Rapid Traverse 5.5 m/min

‧Workpieces Collector
  KL-645M KL-852M
Operation Type Pendulum
Max. Workpieces Length 160 mm
Max. Workpieces Dia. Ø45 mm Ø52 mm

‧Chip Conveyor
Hinge Type For longer and curled chips
Scraper Type For fine and grain type chips

‧Tool Measurement (Automatic)
‧Oil Mist Collecting Device (1HP)
‧Drum Type Clamp
  (KL-645M: CL42-A5 / KL-852M: CL60-A6)
‧Bar Feeder (Bar Material Length: 1250~3200 mm)
‧Morse Taper Center (MT NO.4)
‧Automatic Sliding Door (Pneumatic)
‧Square Tool Rack (20×20)


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