CNC Turning Lathe - KL-645 / KL-852
  Main Structure
  • The Meehanite cast iron, one piece structure with 45 degree slant bed design offers overall stability, rigidity and durability.The special headstock design eliminates thermal displacement and assures continuous processing accuracy.
  ※Notice :
1.To keep improving and developing new functions, Kuen Jeng reserves the rights to change specifications without notice.
2.Due to varying cutting conditions, actual results may be greater or less than those listed.

The high performance spindle with sturdy, tapered roller bearings and special angular bearings ensures high axial and radial rigidity.
  Drum Type Clamp

In combination with a bar feeder the drum type clamping system enables continuous mass production of bar work pieces. The CL-42 and CL-60 drum type clamping systems provide secure clamping, while the bar feeder offers swift positioning. No unnecessary down time due to manual work piece setup means higher production efficiency.

  X , Z Axes

The C2 class for the X-Axis and C3 class for the Z-Axis double nut ball screws are pretensioned for reduced thermal displacement. Direct drive and special coupling ensure high accuracy while reducing vibrations and noise. Full stroke compensation on X and Z axes.

  Hydraulic Turret
12 tool cam type hydraulic turret with accurate speedy tool change within 0.3 seconds.
Completely programmable tailstock with MT-4 Morse taper. The front-mounted, easy-view pressure gauge is easily adjusted through a hinged access door. Large variety of centers available.
  Power Turret
12 station turret mounted on the programmable C axis and servo driven, powered tools for milling, boring, drilling and tapping.


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