Turning & Milling Compound Lathe KL-42N / KL-42Y
Front and Back Compound Processing
Machining Stroke
Dimensions of machine
Side Milling Powered Tools
‧ For more efficiently and more stable speed to enhance stability of milling in numerous cutting. In addition, the tools increase to six. To adopt gear with highly rigidity grinding level on side milling powered tools.
‧ It can perform various functions of milling, such as C+Y-axis contour machining, cycle round machining, milling, eccentric drilling and eccentric tapping, etc.
Eccentric Powered Tools
‧ Eccentric powered tools*8. It can be fitted with fixed tools or powered tools according to the users.
‧ Fixed tools-It can perform various functions of turning for inner diameter or outer diameter.
‧ Powered tools- It can perform various functions of milling on C+Y-axis, Y-axis travel ±100mm.
‧ The back of O.D. tool slide with ø16mm.
Eccentric Powered Tools
Eccentric powered tools with I.D. Tools ø25mm, 3 pieces of eccentric powered tools total and 6 pieces of O.D. Tools total. Allowing the machine to perform milling, polar coordinate interpolation, it has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed and high stability in machining.
Eccentric Powered Tools(Optional Equipment)
Eccentric powered tools increase to six, and O.D. Tools*5.


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